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The Manor apartments provide a comfortable, easy to maintain, living environment. There is ample space for seniors that require assistive devices. The apartments feature one or two bedrooms, sitting area, kitchen and dinette space and bathroom. Each apartment has a storage closet and a storage locker on that floor.




Each apartment bathroom is equipped with grab bars.


Your apartment bedroom best suits a single, double, or queen size bed and a suitable dresser. (Note: king-sized or twin beds will be crowded in the one bedroom apartment.)

Cable Television

A single cable TV outlet is provided in the living room and is available as soon as you plug your television in. Basic cable charges are included in your monthly invoice. There are also outlets in the bedroom which only you can activate through Rogers Cable. You are supplied with the basic Tier 1,2,3 cable programming services. Super channel and other specialty cable services must be arranged by you directly through Rogers Cable. You will be billed by Rogers Cable directly for additional services.

Dining Room

You are welcome to bring in a table that seats 4 to 6 people. You also have space for a buffet or china cabinet that is 36” – 48” in length.

Heating Air/Conditioning

You control your temperature settings for your electric heat in your apartment. Air conditioning is not provided in your apartment. You may purchase a portable window air conditioning unit and have it installed at your own expense.


There is ample cabinet space and there is a single kitchen sink built into the counter. Fridge and stove is provided. We ask that all additional appliances be CSA approved. Small appliances such as toasters, mixers, etc. are your responsibility to provide, as are china, cutlery, cooking utensils and table linens.

Living Room

There is room for 2 to 3 pieces of living room furniture, eg. sofa or love seat plus 2 other chairs in the living room. Room is also available for end tables (2), a coffee table, telephone table, and TV table or stand. Your lamps, radios, television, VCR, stereo systems and other electronic appliances or equipment must be CSA approved.


All pet owners must sign and comply with the Pet Policy of the Corporation which outlines the requirements and limitations about having a pet in the building. An apartment is permitted to have one pet of “domestic” nature i.e. a dog, cat, bird, or a reasonably sized aquarium with fish. No exotic pets are allowed.


You must have a telephone installed with a touchtone system. A telephone jack is located in each apartment bedroom and living room. You are encouraged to use the IOOF Homes telephone system as your service provider. Each telephone is connected with the ability to allow visitor access into the building through your telephone and the Enterphone System in the main lobby.