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Why Give

Established in Barrie in 1940, the IOOF Seniors Homes Inc. is respected in the community as a charitable and non profit organization providing compassionate and loving care for our community’s seniors through a continuum of services which includes long term care, assisted living, affordable rental apartments, and independently owned life lease apartments.


Home to approximately 500 seniors and a Top 100 Employer in Barrie, the Corporation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and directed by qualified and experienced management who employ more than 270 staff.


Fundraising is vital for our continued building redevelopment and special capital projects.

The Home Needs to Evolve – Capital Redevelopment


Long Term Care is now an integral and specialized component of the health care system. As a different type of facility is now needed to meet emerging Resident’s needs, our Home is evolving through a significant rebuild as funds permit. The Home must be completely reconstructed to meet the provincial government building design standards and the increased acuity of the Residents. The Home now accommodates primarily those with chronic and debilitating physical conditions and/or cognitive impairment.

To accomplish the total rebuilding of the IOOF LTC Home, construction has been planned in “Phases”. Phase I or the construction of the new 96 bed wing was completed in early 2008 and the Phase 2 (currently delayed due to funding needs) – will be the renovation of the best part of the existing Home reconfiguring it to 66 beds. The net result is intended to be a new 162 bed long term care facility, meeting or exceeding the MOHLTC “A” standard.

Fully committed to this important community project, Phase 2 or the redevelopment of the remaining 66 beds of the existing Home is the next part of the Home redevelopment for which we need to raise significant funds. Charitable donations towards this project will help us to get under way.


Expansion and Redevelopment of the Odd Fellow and Rebekah Home


On November 20, 2020, the Minister of Long-Term Care, Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, announced the approval of a Long-Term Care Development Project for the IOOF Seniors Homes Inc. This announcement includes the following:

  • The redevelopment of 66 existing long term care C beds and

  • The construction of 64 new long-term beds


The redevelopment of the existing 66 C beds and the allocation of 64 new beds is part of the government’s commitment to create 30, 000 new beds over the next decade. This will ensure that “Ontario’s is committed to 1 21st century long-term care sector that is resident focused, improving the quality of care and quality of life for seniors and easing hallway health care.”

The awarding of these LTC beds and the redevelopment of the existing 66 C beds ensures that the IOOF will continue to be a vital partner in the delivery of much needed Long-Term Care services to the citizens of this region and the province for many years to come. This project will incorporate the most current Long-Term Care Design Standards in order to ensure that the IOOF is equipped to meet the changing care demands of our residents.
When the project is completed the Odd Fellow and Rebekah Home will have a total 226 long-term care beds.
The project will require IOOF Seniors Homes Inc to invest significant funds. Fundraising is vital for our continued success. All charitable donations are greatly appreciated.


Capital Projects


While there are many who know us and trust us to do our good work with their donations, many donors would rather support a specific project. Perhaps it is to honour a loved one’s special need or the desire to fill a need for the benefit of many of our Residents. Your right to choose is respected. Big and small we can all make a difference in the day to day lives of our Residents.


Attached is our Capital Needs Brochure which outlines a number of items that would make life better for our Residents that you may wish to make a donation towards or purchase outright.