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Comfort Trust Account

In Ontario Residents are guaranteed a comfort allowance. This means every Resident is entitled to have a comfort allowance which is currently $149/month, available to them from their pension cheques before any accommodation fees have been charged.

Upon admission, a Comfort Trust Account is established for a new Resident with the IOOF Homes Finance Department and divided into two sub accounts: one (Trust) to account for the cost of monthly accommodations and the other (Comfort – like a petty cash account) is set up for personal items.


Residents may charge a number of expenses to their Resident Comfort Trust account each month. The Unfunded Services Agreement that makes up part of the Admission Agreement must be signed by the Resident or financial POA representative giving permission to do so. These extra charges may include telephone, cable TV, hairdressing/barbering, tuck shop, guest meals, clothing sales, special outings etc. or to simply withdraw cash when needed. Itemized accounting statements are maintained and distributed regularly.