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Resident Input into Decision Making

The IOOF Seniors Homes Inc. strives to promote an environment that supports the rights of Residents/clients to dignity, self-esteem and independence. A variety of options are available for each LTC Home Resident/Convalescent Care client and/or family member or Significant Decision Maker (SDM)/ Power of Attorney (POA) to obtain information, raise concerns, issues or complaints or recommend suggestions regarding care and services.

Day-to-Day Decision-Making

Staff providing care for a Resident in the long term care Home believe that they are "guests" in the individual's home.  Residents'/clients' rights and opinions are respected and they are encouraged to have meaningful input into decision that affects their care, service and day-to-day lives.


Residents and clients are encouraged to ask us questions, seek clarification and voice opinions on a day-to-day basis to help design the right plan to meet their ongoing care and service needs.

LTC Home Residents' Council

The IOOF Seniors Homes is committed to respecting, supporting and enabling Residents' rights to dignity, self-esteem and independence, and to improving the quality of services and programs we provide for Residents by actively supporting and encouraging Residents to share their concerns/issues/suggestions through involvement with the Home’s Residents' Council. As required by the LTC Homes Act, 2007, the Residents' Council meets regularly to discuss issues and concerns, problem-solve, provide education and offer suggestions to improve the quality of life for residents living in the Home.

All Residents are members of the Residents' Council, whether they attend meetings or not, but we encourage active participation.


If Residents choose not to attend meetings of the Residents' Council, there are additional opportunities to have input.

Care Conferences

We believe that each Resident's/client’s unique needs can be met by collaborating with the Resident/client and his/her family/SDM/POA and using an interdisciplinary team approach to develop a written plan of care to guide day-to-day work. The care planning process is driven by Residents'/clients’ values, strengths, desires and needs.


Regular care conferences are scheduled with the interdisciplinary team to share information regarding assessments and plans, to make decisions regarding care strategies, and to incorporate directions from the Resident/client and/or family/ SDM/POA.

Home Committees

The Home also has an established Family Council as required by the LTC Homes Act, 2007. Family Council meetings are conducted by families and publicly posted in the Home on the Family Council bulletin board.


If a family member chooses not to participate in the Family Council there are additional opportunities to have input.

Satisfaction Surveys

The Home regularly assesses and monitors Resident/client and family/ SDM/ POA satisfaction through the use of a standardized satisfaction survey entitled ‘Your Opinion Counts’. These surveys are forwarded to Residents/clients and/or family/SDM/ POA on a regular basis, and provide us with important feedback that guides our quality improvement work. If needed, staff will assist Residents to complete their surveys. In addition to ‘Your Opinion Counts’, other surveys are used periodically to assess the level of satisfaction with a specific aspect of care or service. We encourage you to express your opinion.