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IOOF Seniors Homes Inc. Organization Chart



Garry C. Hopkins

Chief Executive Officer

X 304 or

Myles Keeble

Myles Keeble

Director of Finance & Information Technology

X 329 or


Karen Jones

Director of Resident Care

X 317 or


Pat Jeffrey

Consultant - Nursing Administration

X 417 or



Lindsey Webb

Assistant Director of Resident Care

X 396 or



Elyse Martin

Capital Campaign Manager

X 315 or

Mary MacDougall

Mary MacDougall

Director of Housing Accommodations

X 336 or

Gaja Damas

Gaja Damas

Director of Program Support & Volunteer Services

X338 or

Darlene Lee

Darlene Lee

Director of Food Services

X 343 or


Val Bennett

Director of Human Resources

X 331 or


Shean Wadham

Director of Facilities & Environment

X 377 or


Mike Franks

Manager of Facilities & Environment

X 314 or

Elvis Pohl

Elvis Pohl

Property Manager at the Terraces at Heritage Square

X 362 or