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User Pay Services

Under the Long Term Care Homes Act 2007, Residents are not required to purchase care, services, programs or goods from the Corporation and may purchase such things from other providers, subject to any restrictions by the Corporation, under the regulations, with respect to the supply of drugs. Long Term Care Homes 2007, c. 8, s. 78 (2).

Residents will be expected to pay the full cost of the following partial list of optional services and goods. Additions and/or deletions are dependent on legislative changes and personal choices.

  • Cable TV, telephone, internet, hairdressing, newspapers/magazines

  • Tuck shop purchases, meals off premises (e.g. on shopping trips), Resident’s guest meals

  • Personal use craft materials, BACTS bus, taxi and other transportation costs for personal use

  • Dry cleaning, purchases of clothing

  • Recreational activities outside the Home (e.g. some trips, theatre, etc which are not funded by the Home)

  • Personal equipment (e.g. TV, radio, lamps, walker, Geri chair or wheelchair)

  • Devices/drugs not covered by insurance programs, personal hygiene products of a different brand than those supplied by the Home

  • Hearing aids, batteries and repairs, eyeglasses

  • Supplementary nursing services from outside agencies

  • Dentures, dentist/denturist services, foot care services

  • Support stockings, special footwear/braces.

  • Prescription drugs and drugs not covered under the provincial drug plan are invoiced directly to the Residents or financial POA by the local drug store as are other such approved professional services.

  • In the event that the Government of Ontario ceases to provide certain supplies or services, the costs of these benefits may become the Resident’s responsibility.

If a Resident qualifies as a Canadian veteran they may receive assistance for some of the above items through DVA. The local Legion Branch can assist with the application.