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Resident Care Services

The Resident Care Department dedicates itself to a high standard of elder care in cooperation with other Departments within the Home. It endeavors to maximize the independence of each Resident and provide as much support and comfort as possible to improve the quality of life for our Residents. The Department supports and enhances the various activities of daily living, keeping in mind the physical and psychological abilities of the individual and assists Residents to realize their potential. Every resident has the right to give or refuse consent to any treatment, care or service for which his or her consent is required by law and to be informed of the consequences of giving or refusing consent. Every resident is encouraged to participate in decision-making and is respected and supported in making their decisions.

The Director of Resident Care is responsible for the overall operation of the Resident Care Department and in collaboration with the Assistant Director of Resident Care and Nurse Manager, provides 24 hour support and guidance to the Resident Care Department. A Registered Nurse (RN) is on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Registered Staff (RN and RPN) and Personal Support Workers / Health Care Aides (PSW / HCA’s) are assigned to provide nursing care on all shifts.

Resident Care staff monitors residents’ needs and assistance is given whenever needed (e.g. personal hygiene and grooming, mobility, use of toilet facilities, bathing etc). Independence is encouraged and supported through individualized Restorative Nursing Programs. The Registered Staff provides all medications and treatments as ordered by the Nurse Practitioner and/or Physician.

The Home contracts with local external health care professionals to augment care, many of whom provide their therapy services within the Home. Therapy services include: laboratory, x-rays and oxygen, physiotherapists, foot care, vision, hearing and dental clinics, speech and swallowing therapists, physician consultants, nurse clinicians, pharmacy, and massage therapists.

Under the Long Term Care Homes Act 2007, Residents are not required to purchase care, services, programs or goods from the Corporation. Residents may purchase such things from other providers subject to any restrictions by the Corporation, under the regulations with respect to the supply of drugs. Long Term Care Homes 2007, c. 8, s. 78 (2).

Nursing Care:

Nurses' stations are located in each Home Area. All Resident rooms have call bells located on the wall by the bed and in the bathroom to be used when assistance is needed.


The front line Resident Care team is comprised of Registered Nurses (RN), Registered Practical Nurses (RPN) and Health Care Aides/Personal Support Workers (HCA/PSW).

In the event of a Resident incident or change in health status, the Power of Attorney (POA)/Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) will be notified immediately. It is recommended that all Residents have a designated POA or SDM in place. The Home can provide information and support to facilitate this if requested. Current contact information is required to help ensure a prompt response to any events.

Resident Care staff will plan and conduct a Multidisciplinary Care Conference within 6 weeks of admission and annually for each Resident and their POA/SDM to discuss the Resident’s care. Bring any notes and questions with you. Residents/POA and/or the Home may also ask for a Care Conference at any time. These meetings last approximately 20 minutes and involve the resident and family/POA (if able to attend) and representatives from Resident Care, Food Services, Program Support, Environmental Services, Nurse Practitioner and/or Physician and when appropriate physiotherapy.

The Resident’s needs and wishes are discussed, the plan of care is reviewed, and decisions are made to enhance aspects of daily living and overall quality of life. Care conferences ensure that Residents are recognized as individuals with choices.

With input from the Resident/family, the multi-disciplinary team will develop a written personalized plan of care. Staff review care plans quarterly and when there is a significant change in a Resident’s health status.


While many Residents are able to make independent decisions about their care, others are unable to express their needs and concerns. Sometimes a family member is the only person with the ability to shed light on a situation. We welcome their input. If it is not possible for the family/POA to attend, please have them contact the Registered Staff on the home area to inform them. We recommend that family/POA send in written comments or questions to be addressed at the care conference. The Registered Staff will follow up with the Resident/or POA after the conference.

Only the POA for Care will be contacted by phone and invited to the conference. This invitation can then be shared with other appropriate family members. All are welcome to attend. Due to the large number of care conferences which must be scheduled annually, it is not always possible for us to alter dates. For those unable to attend in person telephone conferencing can be arranged.

Residents may have baths and/or showers (two baths or showers a week are routinely provided) and Resident Care staff will discuss your bathing preferences, options, and schedule with you to meet your bathing needs.


General hand and foot care is provided by the Resident Care staff. The Registered Staff will assess the need for specialized foot care on arrival and regularly thereafter as required. Specialized foot care services are available to Residents in house on a fee for service basis through a contractual arrangement with the Home. Costs for specialized foot care services are the Resident’s responsibility and he/she will be billed for the service by our financial department. Residents are welcome to continue to use the services of their own foot care specialist, by making their own arrangements.