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Safety & Security

Fire Safety

The Terraces buildings are equipped with up to date life safety systems. The IOOF Homes management have prepared a Fire Safety Plan for the Terraces and that Plan approved by the Barrie Fire Department, will be tested twice a year so that Residents will be familiar with what to do during a fire alarm. As part of the Life Lease Safety Systems, suite fire bells and strobe lights, heat and smoke detectors, fire alarms pull stations, fire hoses and extinguishers and illuminated EXIT signs are located throughout the Terraces. When an alarm is activated and the bells ring, fire zone doors in the hallways automatically close, dividing the building into safe zones to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. In case of an actual emergency, the Barrie Fire Department would be on the scene in a matter of minutes.

Enterphone System

The door entry system installed in the building operates with your suite’s touch-tone telephone.