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Privacy at the IOOF Seniors Homes


PHIPA - Personal Health and Information Protection Act - As a health care facility, the IOOF Seniors Homes Inc. recognizes and operates under this privacy legislation enacted provincially in 2004. This legislation ensures the confidentiality of all information and protects the privacy of each individual’s personal information.


PIPEDA – Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act - Federal Legislation enacted January 1, 2004. Applies to organizations throughout Canada if they collect, use or disclose personal information in the course of "commercial activity". This legislation applies across Canada unless a province enacts legislation that is "substantially similar'.


In 2004 Ontario enacted Bill 31, the Health Information Protection Act (HIPA) which consists of 2 Schedules.


Schedule A: Personal Health Information Protection Act 2004 (PHIPA): This governs the manner in which personal health information may be collected, used and disclosed within the healthcare system. It also regulates individuals and organizations that receive personal information from health care professionals.


Schedule B: Quality of Care Information Protection Act 2004 (QCIPA) : This deals with information collected by or prepared for a "quality of care committee" and was designed to assist in reducing medical errors and thereby improve patient care in health care organizations.

As PHIPA is 'substantially similar' and more specific to our industry (healthcare) than PIPEDA, our compliance is directed by PHIPA.


Every employee and volunteer of the IOOF Seniors Homes Inc. is required to understand, sign, and abide by the following:


Confidentiality Statement

I acknowledge that during my employment/ volunteer work with the IOOF Seniors Homes Inc. that I will have access to personal information and personal health information about Residents, their families, other employees/ volunteers and the Corporation. At all times I will respect the privacy of Residents, their families, and other employees/ volunteers as confidential information. I will ensure that private and confidential information is not inappropriately accessed, used or disclosed.


I will not disclose my user name or password to enable unauthorized access to personal information or health information.


I will only access, use and transmit private and confidential information as required by the duties of my position.


I understand that violations to privacy and confidentiality may include but are not limited to accessing, altering, misusing or disclosing personal information and personal health information.


I understand that if any of these conditions are breached, I may be subject to disciplinary action that may include termination of employment /volunteering.