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Spiritual & Religious Care Services


Heritage Place shares the services of a Co-ordinator of Spiritual and Religious Care with the Odd Fellow and Rebekah Home. The Co-ordinator is available to provide spiritual support and services to all Residents even if you do not belong to any religious denomination.


Interdenominational services are held weekly. One service is held at Heritage Place and one at the Odd Fellow and Rebekah Home: Residents at Heritage Place and the Manor are welcome to attend the service at the Home. A schedule of services is published in the monthly Calendar for Heritage Place.

The Spiritual and Religious Care Coordinator provides understanding spiritual care and counseling to Residents and their families in a multi faith setting. Residents are encouraged to maintain existing ties with community faith groups. For those who wish to continue to relate to their faith group, community clergy volunteer to conduct regular worship services which are held in either the Worship Centre or Home Auditorium. We welcome Residents to share their faith and to discuss their spiritual needs with us. Pastoral advisors (Minister, Priest, etc.) are most welcome to visit at any time.

The Spiritual and Religious Care Co-ordinator organizes programs to meet the spiritual and religious needs of the Residents in a multi-faith context. Ongoing spiritual support is delivered within a collaborative and ecumenical approach to holistic care.


Several of the local congregations rotate leadership of the interdenominational services worship services held every Wednesday morning in the HOME Auditorium and provide regular celebrations of denominational Communion including Roman Catholic and Protestant. Memorial services are held regularly.


Small group services, individual communion, bible study, special celebrations, palliative spiritual care, bereavement support and grief counselling are also available. Spiritual and Religious Care Volunteers are welcome.

The Heritage Place Choir adds a special touch through the gift of music ministry. New members are welcome.

A multi faith sancrtuary offers a place for quiet reflection prayer or meditation or small group spiritual activities.

For further information contact the Coordinator of Spiritual & Religious Care:

(705) 728-2389 ext 381

Office located off the Home main lobby