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Admission Information

In order to be considered for admission you must require a degree of supervision and/or assistance with activities of daily living. Based upon the completion of the interRAI CHA (inter Resident Assessment Instrument Community Health Assessment), assisted living services are scheduled on an as-needed basis, to maintain your independence.

There are three parts to the costs of tenancy:


Basic Rental Accommodation rates payable to the IOOF Seniors Homes Inc. Some Residents may qualify for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) assistance which will ensure that their monthly rent will not be more than 30% of their total household income. You must apply to the Housing Accommodations Office for RGI assistance. Approval is subject to the availability of RGI funding and your name will be placed on the internal RGI wait list.

Basic Service Package fees are determined by the IOOF Seniors Homes Inc. based on a per diem formula which reflects the cost of providing the services. Acceptance of the Basic Service Package is a condition of tenancy.

Optional Service fees are the additional charges for programs and services that are not included in the Basic Support Package. This fee is based on a formula which reflects the cost of providing each service. You will be billed for any additional services provided on a monthly basis.