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Frequently Asked Questions


What sort of a time commitment do I have to make?

The home expects new volunteers to make a minimum time commitment of 40 hours in a one year period.


Can I complete my hours for school credit?

Yes, community involvement is a high school requirement and volunteering at the IOOF Homes is a rewarding way to earn your community service hours.


Do you track my hours?

Yes, for safety and communication purposes, we ask all volunteers to sign-in on arrival, and sign-out on departure. Recorded volunteer hours provide important information for the Homes’ recognition, statistical data and attendance records for school or social assistance requirements. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to sign-in and out as this is the official record of hours that will be used in any correspondence.


When can I volunteer?

Each home operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week, including statutory holidays. The majority of volunteer hours are scheduled in the day or evening, 7 days per week. Flexible schedules are accommodated with commitment. Every attempt is made to continue volunteer activities on holidays, particularly when special events or activities are associated with the holiday.


Where can I volunteer?

The IOOF Seniors Homes operates a Long Term Care Home where the majority of volunteer services are needed and scheduled however opportunities also exist at Heritage Place and the Terraces. The Director of Volunteer Services is ready to meet with you to help you find a volunteer program that is right for you.


How many volunteers do you have?

We are fortunate to have approximately 250 volunteers. Volunteer services are comprised of people of all ages, who are involved in all aspects of our Residents’ lives. Many of our activities aren’t possible without the help of volunteers, who are an essential ingredient in making a long-term care home truly a home.


What do I wear?

Please dress appropriately for the activities you will be involved in. Ensure your clothing is clean and neat, and choose shoes that are flat with closed toe and heel. You will be provided with a volunteer name tag that must be worn at all times when you are in the Home. Dress Code will be reviewed at Volunteer Orientation.


What if I can’t come?

Please show up regularly as scheduled. If you are going to be late or unable to attend, please give adequate notice to your assigned supervisor. Many Residents eagerly await the arrival of volunteers, and by phoning you can reduce their disappointment and avoid cancellation of programs.


Are meals provided to volunteers?

The Home has a dining room where you can purchase meals. You are also able to bring snack and meals to store is fridge. For those volunteers assisting with outings during meal times, their meal is provided.


How are volunteers recognized?

Volunteers are a special breed of people, who are involved for the personal satisfaction of making a difference in the community. We greatly appreciate the dedication and commitment that our volunteers make to our Homes. We do our best to recognize the time and energy that you give to our Residents throughout the year. Once a year, you will be invited to attend a formal recognition event that allows us to say thank you for your special brand of caring.


Why do I need a Police Reference Check?

As part of a commitment to ensuring the safety of the vulnerable people who we care for, their families, our staff and volunteers, LTC Homes are mandated by the Long-Term Care Homes Act that requires all new staff and volunteers over the age of 18 to undergo a Police Reference Check Vulnerable Sector Screening. The Director of Volunteer Services will explain how to apply for this reference check, as well as the alternative requirements for volunteers under the age of 18.