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Medical Care and Services


Medical Care:

The Medical Director is responsible for all aspects of medical care in the Home and coordinates 24 hour on call service to ensure Resident needs are addressed promptly. The Medical Director makes regular visits to the Home and Attending Physicians on contract with the Home visit as needed.


To balance the workload the Home has the services of a full time Nurse Practitioner to assist the Physicians with Resident care. Any medical concerns can also be directed to the RN or RPN who will notify the Physician or NP accordingly.

The Home has the authority to permit the Medical Director or delegate to release to the medical staff of any hospital and/or clinic to which the Resident may be referred, information relating to the Resident’s health status and treatment which are required for the provision of ongoing care.


When you move into the Home you will always have choices. You may choose to be come under the care of the Medical Director or you may choose to stay with your physician from the community if they are willing to attend to you at the Home. An Attending Physician contract must be signed between the Physician and the Home and that Physician must be willing to meet the Home’s standards for medical services that are in place.

Please be aware that should the opinion of the Resident’s Physician and that of the IOOF Seniors Homes’ Medical Director conflict, the Home will follow the opinion of its Medical Director.

For Residents who must or choose to change doctors, the Medical Director shall provide care to the Resident. A Resident/family/POA/SDM may arrange an appointment to meet with the doctor through the Registered Staff. The Registered Staff will also request that the doctor see any Resident whom they assess to need medical attention.

Your medication is reviewed every three months by your physician and an annual physical examination is performed on admission and annually thereafter.

Pharmacy/ Medications/ Supplements/ Alcohol:

The Home contracts with a local pharmacy that provides the services of a Pharmacist available to our Residents. The Pharmacist works closely with the Home’s Physicians and Registered Nursing staff.


Both Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses are involved in administering prescribed medications on a 24 hour basis. All medications are given and supervised by our Registered Staff, under the direction of the Resident’s Physician. All medications must be taken in the presence of a Registered Staff member.

Residents are not permitted to keep personal medications or supplements at their bedside because of safety concerns.

The Ontario Drug Benefit plan covers the cost for most medications. On occasion, a Physician may order a medication or treatment that is not covered by this plan and the Resident would therefore incur the cost of these medications.

The pharmacy retained by the Home fills each Resident prescription in prepared package strips. Residents will incur the cost of a minimal dispensing fee monthly. Prescriptions are delivered once weekly to each Home Area. Should medication be required in an emergency, special delivery will be made. Any questions regarding medications should be directed to the Registered Staff, Nurse Practitioner or Physician. If a Resident/family wishes to access written documentation regarding his/her medications, the pharmacist will provide this information on request in consultation with the Medical Director and Director of Resident Care. If a Resident plans to be away from the Home, they are to notify the Registered Staff well in advance so that medications can be prepared to accompany him/her.

Please do not purchase any “over-the-counter”, non-prescription medications, without consulting with the Registered Staff. Certain drugs may interfere with other drugs being taken. The Registered Staff must be aware of all medications including ointments, eye drops and herbal remedies. Since there is a potential for adverse interactions between medications and alcohol, Residents wishing to use alcohol must first have obtained a written physician’s order.

Non-prescription Drugs, Medication, Supplements and Treatment Products:

Residents wishing to have any non-prescription drugs, supplements, or treatment products must first have obtained a written physician’s order. If the items are not covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit plan or do not fall into the category of “supplies and equipment” the Resident will be charged accordingly.

Dental Services:

Basic dental screening and procedures are provided in the Home. Services offered include cleaning, scaling, tooth extractions, and fillings. Referrals can be arranged for more complex dental needs. Similarly, arrangements may be made for Residents to visit a denturist. If a Resident is unable to leave the facility arrangements can be made for a denturist to visit.