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Updates on the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19


A Message from the CEO


Dear Residents, Family Members, and Staff:


As you know the governments released its road map for reopening. When the province enters Step 3, the Ministry of Long Term Care has further revised directives and guidelines as it pertains to screening, testing, visiting, programs and absences, effective July 16th, 2021.


The highlights of these changes are:

  • Staff, Designated Essential Caregivers & General Visitors who are fully immunized will no longer be subject to surveillance testing requirements when entering a long-term care home. If an individual chooses not to disclose their vaccination status, then the testing requirements remain as set out in the Minister's Directive.
  • For those not fully immunized or choosing to not disclose vaccination status, the minimum frequency of rapid antigen testing has reduced to up to 2 times/week.
  • All residents may go on all types of absences regardless of immunization status.
  • Activities involving singing and dancing may resume.
  • Off-site excursions by home area cohort may resume and will be scheduled for the August Activity Calendars.
  • Indoor Essential Caregivers and General Visitors may visit without appointments in the Resident room and common area when visiting a non-isolating Resident. Essential Caregivers are the only ones who can visit with a Resident that is isolating following public health guidelines.
  • For indoor visits only the limit is set to 2 Essential Caregivers and 2 General Visitors at any one time, however the number of visitors as a whole is no longer restricted. General Visitors indoors no longer need to be scheduled, but are subject to screening and testing requirements.
  • For outdoor visits only, in order to accommodate space and physical distancing requirements we ask you to reserve your visit by appointment at in advance. Maximum of 4 visitors out front of the home and a maximum of 10 visitors on the Partitioned Patio. If you are considering a larger gathering we suggest a short-term absence with the Resident to a local outdoor area such as at the park or waterfront.
  • Tours may resume of the Home following General Visitor Guidelines.
  • Changing daily symptom screening of Residents to a minimum of once daily.
  • The use of eye protection will now be based on a Point of Care Risk Assessment. Adjusting the eye protection requirements for all staff and essential visitors providing care within 2 metres to a resident who is on Droplet/Contact Precautions and/or directly in an outbreak setting. We ask all staff to retain and use their eye protection as needed.
  • Close contact is permitted only between fully immunized Residents and fully immunized visitors.
  • Masks are mandatory for the entire time of both indoor and outdoor visits including onsite walks around the property.
  • Do not bring or provide any food or drink during a general visit. There will be no passing of food or drink during the visit to the resident or partaking of food by the visitor. As usual, items for the Resident shall be left on the receiving table for processing in the front lobby.
  • Only fully immunized Essential Caregivers may participate in programs and assist during meals.

Although these changes are effective tomorrow, Friday, July 16, 2021, we will honour all indoor visits booked up until Sunday, July 18, 2021. Following this, General Indoor Visitors are welcome to come in without an appointment following the above stated guidelines.

Outdoor visits are still encouraged to be scheduled in order for you to have a designated location for your reserved visit. We cannot guarantee an outdoor space will be available without an appointment.

For Vaccine Verification as it relates to testing requirements, we will be introducing a tracking system on Monday July 19, 2021 available at the screening desk and through your Manager/Human Resources Department. Once proof and/or Verification of Full Immunization is established for Essential Caregivers and General Visitors you will receive a Verification Card which you will need to show at each visit to exempt you from testing. For staff we will be providing a unique identifier to attach to your name badge which will exempt you from testing requirements.

For those requiring rapid antigen testing, we will be maintaining the testing on site for the next 2 weeks. Further information will be made available regarding the scheduling of testing and if specific days will be available for onsite testing. We will now be accepting PCR Lab confirmed test results with the test being taken within the last 7 days.

It continues to be important that Residents, family, visitors and staff, adhere to Public Health measures, including good hand hygiene and appropriate masking. There is a need to continue to be vigilant regarding COVID-19, especially with respect to variants of concern (e.g. the Delta variant). The health and safety of our Residents, and the team members who serve them, is our highest priority.



Garry C. Hopkins, CEO


Important Links: 

Government of Ontario Website


Please review the following before your next visit:


Vaccines for Designated Caregivers: 

COVID-19 Update to Caregivers
COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet
Getting Ready for your COVID-19 Vaccine
COVID-19 Vaccine Screening and Consent Form 



For OUTDOOR visits and VIRTUAL visits ONLY please contact to arrange your visit.  

Your 3 Options for Visiting at the HOME are as follows:
Option 1 – Safe Virtual Visits – No Risk
Option 2 – Safe Partitioned Patio Visits (Max 10 visitors) – Low Risk to Resident – Please read our guidelines. - No COVID test required.
Option 3 – Outdoor Visiting - Heightened Risk (Max 4 visitors at one time - No COVID test required) 

Option 4 - Indoor Visiting - No longer need to be scheduled - Higher Risk (Maximum 2 general visitors at one time. Must have a current negative COVID-19 Test, or be fully immunized with proof)




Essential Visitor and Caregiver Guidelines at the Odd Fellow & Rebekah Home 


Retrieving Your COVID-19 Test Results


COVID-19 Vaccine Verification and Healthcare Setting Work Authorization 


Visiting Summary at the Odd Fellow & Rebekah Home


Visiting Guidelines for the Odd Fellow & Rebekah Home


Short Stay & Temporary Absence Guidelines 


Absence Authorization & Request FORM 

(Please note that request forms are reviewed, processed, and approved Monday to Friday,

9 am to 5pm) 


Essential Visitor & Caregiver Designation FORM

(Please note that designation forms are reviewed, processed, and approved Monday to Friday,

9 am to 5pm) 


Long Term Care Visitors Brochure


Ontario Health Poster 


Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care FAQ's Absences 



Please contact to arrange your visit. 

Your 3 options for visiting Heritage Place are as follows: 

Option 1 – Safe Virtual Visits – No Risk
Option 2 – Outdoor Patio Visits – Moderate Risk
Option 3 – Indoor Visiting (two visitors only) – Heightened Risk


Visiting Guidelines for Heritage Place


Heritage Place Visitors Brochure




We are offering virtual visits and encouraging email communications with your loved ones.
For e-mail communication send an e-mail to: and our support staff will print and deliver your message to your loved one.

Facetime and Skype can be arranged by contacting


Please note that there are dedicated days and times. Send us an email to book an appointment for a 10-15 minute virtual visit. 
We look forward to connecting you with your loved one. 


Having difficulties getting set up on a virtual visiting app? Visit the link below for some help: 



Please note that we are sharing important updates with our Resident and Family Council. For the most up to date COVID-19 Resident & Family Communications please visit the following links: