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Updates on COVID-19


A Message from the CEO

Dear Residents, Family Members, and Staff:


We have received the next steps in the phased approached to wind down COVID measures and embedding COVID-19 response measures into routine operations of the Home.
Effective June 30th, 2023
, the following masking requirements will be put into place:



  • As the first defense against the transmission of respiratory viruses, all staff are required to perform a point-of-care assessment (PCRA) before any Resident interaction and task to determine if there is a risk of exposure to any infectious agent and then determine the appropriate IPAC measure/precautions to be taken when entering a Resident room.

  • Following respiratory illness staff may return to work 24 hours and are symptom free with no fever and 48 hours if experiencing enteric symptoms but will be required to mask for 10 days.

  • All staff must have the knowledge, skill and training to perform a PCRA.

  • Resident care staff can choose to wear a mask during prolonged direct Resident care if they are within 2 meters of the Resident for 15 minutes or longer.

  • Masks are not required in administrative offices and staff only areas. All Staff may also choose to wear a mask (provided by the Home, employee or front entrance) at any time they are in the Home.

  • The Resident and or POA may also request that staff wear a mask during their care as per the Resident Bill of Rights.

  • Masks are not required outdoors for staff, Residents, students, volunteers or visitors.

  • Caregivers and visitors may wear a mask while in the Home (provided by the Home at the front Entrance).

  • Caregivers and visitors may also attend all meals in the Dining Rooms and join the Resident.


Screening Requirements for staff, students, visitors, and care givers:

  • Passive Screening will be performed prior to entering the Home.

  • Read Screening questions posted at entrances of the Home. Individuals are not to enter the Home if they are not feeling well or fail the screening questions.

  • Directions posted; staff to advise their Manager or Charge Nurse if they fail the screening questions, visitors and care givers are to leave the Home and follow the directions at Self-assessment (

  • Review Self- Monitoring Poster at entrances and throughout the Home and steps to take if symptoms develop.

  • If a Resident is Palliative end-of-life will be permitted to have visitors even if they fail the screening questions provided, they wear a mask as provided when entering the Home and must maintain physical distance from other staff and Residents.


It continues to be important that Residents, family, visitors and staff adhere to Public Health measures, including good hand hygiene as the best method of stopping and preventing the spreading of infections. The health and safety of our Residents, and the team members who serve them, is our highest priority.


Garry C. Hopkins, CEO




Important Links:  

Government of Ontario Website


Please review the following before your next visit:



Both indoor and outdoor visits have no limits for visitors. During outbreak, essential caregivers are welcome, and general visitors may be restricted based on Public Health guidance.

For VIRTUAL visits ONLY please contact to arrange your visit.  

For e-mail communication send an e-mail to: and our support staff will print and deliver your message to your loved one. 




What Residents Can Expect - March 31st 2023


Essential Visitor & Caregiver Designation FORM

(Please note that designation forms are reviewed, processed, and approved Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5pm) 


Long Term Care Visitors Brochure



Please note that we are sharing important updates with our Resident and Family Council. For the most up to date COVID-19 Resident & Family Communications please visit the following links: