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Recreation & Leisure Activity Programs


Caregiver and senior on couch

Our Recreation & Leisure programs provide stimulating activities and one to one visitations for all levels of mental and physical functioning among our Residents.


Our Recreation & Leisure Staff referred to as Activationists regularly visit those Residents who are unable to attend group functions, to provide stimulation through conversation, walking, tactile exercises, reading letters, and/or listening to music in the Resident’s room.


All supplies and equipment for programmed recreational activities are provided at no extra cost.


Special outings, shopping trips, meals special ordered and brought in from outside of the building are provided at minimal cost and are based upon a “sign up” process, which is posted outside the main dining room. All transportation and destination locations are wheelchair and walker accessible. Activationists with volunteers supervise all outings.


We welcome, and will try to accommodate, any Resident’s special interests, talents, and hobbies.


Activities are highlighted daily on the activity boards throughout the Home and monthly calendars for each Home area are distributed and available in the Home Administration Office by the last day of the month for the next month’s program calendar. Monthly calendars are posted in each Resident’s room and on the bulletin board just outside the auditorium off the main lobby as well as outside each activity room and the Dining Room in the south wing.


Activity Program are offered to Residents by enthusiastic staff throughout the week, on weekends and on selected evenings during the week. Activities are delivered in a variety of Activity Areas. A variety of programs are offered including gardening, music therapy , art therapy and complimentary care permitting Residents of all abilities and interests to participate. Residents are encouraged to participate. However, participation is voluntary and Resident choice to or not to participate is respected.


Family members, friends and Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to assist during Resident programs.


Residents are welcome to participate in the “Happy Hour” program but must have a doctor’s order for the consumption of alcohol in reasonable amounts.

For further information please contact:


Recreation & Leisure Services – Activation Staff

Telephone 705-728-2389

Ext. 302 – Baldwin Lane / Georgian Way

Ext. 306 – Kempenfelt Court

Ext. 347 – Simcoe Lodge /Allandale Village

Ext. 361 – Elston Unit