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Additional Services


A library, located on the 3rd Floor, is available for Residents to use. There is a wide assortment of reading material including large print books. There are also talking books for anyone interested in listening to books on tape/CD. The Barrie Public Library offers a library service where new reading material is provided.


Mobile clothing and shoe retailers, who specialize in clothing and shoes for the elderly visit the Home and Heritage Place regularly. Specialty item retailers such as jewellery, accessories, confection, farmer’s market and gift wear are scheduled throughout the year. They set up their wares in the Home or Heritage Place Auditorium or Front Lobby where Residents and visitors may browse and try on items that appeal to them. We encourage Residents and their families to take advantage of these opportunities to buy new clothing, footwear and gifts.


Shopping outings are scheduled regularly to assist Residents to both the grocery store and the local mall as part of the recreational programming calendar. The IOOF Seniors Homes Inc. owns a para transit bus and a van. A transportation fee applies to cover cost of operating the vehicles. A sign up procedure is posted for this type of program. Residents able to go shopping on their own or with family, are encouraged to continue to do so.

Last Minute Store

The Last Minute Store is located in the front lobby of Heritage Place and is operated by dedicated Volunteers. It is open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to provide Residents and visitors the opportunity to purchase groceries and small items in-house including postage stamps. The funds raised from the Last Minute Store support the Resident Housing Association.