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Restorative Care

The goal of Restorative care is to maximizing Resident independence and meet mobility needs. Restorative Care works closely with our Physiotherapy staff, Resident Care staff and vendors to provide the Residents with necessary assistive devices to help Residents maintain their independence. Restorative Care also maintains Residents Wheelchairs and Walkers to ensure they are in safe working order.

The Restorative Care Co-ordinator works closely with the Program Support staff, Resident Care staff, Physicians, and Physiotherapy staff in carrying out any prescribed routines. Therapy and restorative services are provided to the Residents without cost.

The Restorative Care Coordinator also works closely with the community Occupational Therapist, seating and mobility companies, CCAC, and Physiotherapy in providing range of motion, ambulation exercises, and mobility services. Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology is contracted from the local CCAC as required.

Restorative Feeding – Safe and Effective Dining certification training is held semi annually. Participants receive both theoretical and hands on training and application. Training is open to registered staff, health care aids, activation, students, family and Volunteers. Assistive and restorative feeding Volunteers are in need and welcome to learn more. The Restorative Coordinator assesses Residents for assistive feeding devices that aid in maintaining independence and increase the pleasurable dining experience. The Restorative Feeding program includes regular Resident assessments to identify Residents in need and audits for assistive feeding devices. These devices assist Residents to continue to eat independently, in whole or in part, as well as to foster a more pleasurable dining experience. In collaboration with the Director of Food Services, the Restorative Care Coordinator ensures that the current assistive feeding devices that are assigned for the benefit of the Residents are reflected on the Resident Dietary Roster.

Assistive Devices Program

The Restorative Care Coordinator also provides the Residents and their family with support during the government assisted funding process (ADP) to obtain mobility and seating equipment.

Basic therapy equipment is supplied to Residents receiving therapy services. As a courtesy, the Home through its supplier, will provide therapeutic assistive equipment if available i.e. wheelchairs/walkers on loan, to a Resident upon admission for such needs, on a time limited basis.


The appropriate wheelchair and walker will maximize Resident safety, independence and comfort. Families are encouraged to apply on behalf of the Resident to the Assistive Devices program which provides government assistance for up to 75% of the cost of the mobility devices by a certified ADP Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.

Residents are assessed by a physiotherapist or occupational therapist, in the Home, and an application to the program is made. Residents who require assistive mobility equipment will then own their equipment and it will be suited to meet the individual Resident’s needs. Costs of equipment required, such as walkers or wheelchairs and possible government funding assistance can be discussed with the Director of Program Support and Volunteer Services and/or the Restorative Care Co-ordinators.

For further information contact Restorative Care:

Telephone 705-728-2389 Ext. 327

Office located on Kempenfelt Court by the elevator