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Food Services

The Food Services Department at IOOF Seniors Homes Inc. provides three nutritious, home style-cooked meals daily to the Residents. There are four dining rooms, with the Main Dining Room service the Residents of Allandale Village, Simcoe Lodge and the Elston Unit. The remaining three dining rooms are located at and are specifically for the Residents of Kempenfelt Court, Baldwin Lane and Georgian Way.

The Director of Food Services in collaboration with Resident Care and Food Services employees will determine a seating plan that best suits Residents’ needs. Seating is assigned according to appropriateness of individuals. Residents may eat seated in their wheelchair if they are unable to walk. For safety, walkers will be removed from the dining rooms by Resident Care employees during the meal, and returned when Residents are ready to leave.



The Registered Dietitian, Director of Food Services, Food Service Coordinator and qualified production team ensure that wholesome, delicious meals are planned and prepared. State-of-the-art equipment, procedures, and quality ingredients ensure tasteful and nutritious food presentations.


The Residents are offered a varied menu, knowing that each person has diversified tastes and food favorites. Residents are provided the option to choose between two meal choices. If the main entrée of the meal is not appealing, there will always be an alternate offered for Residents to choose from.


IOOF Homes offers a three week  rotational menu.. The menus are also adjusted accordingly to acknowledge important dates and festive events such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and more. Residents participate in menu development through the Resident Food Committee.


A daily and weekly menu is posted on the Menu Board located outside each of the dining rooms. 


Residents are encouraged to drink extra fluids between meals (unless medically advised not to) to keep well hydrated, especially during the hot summer months. Resident Care employees will deliver nourishments and snacks every morning (AM) at 10:00 AM, afternoon (PM) at 2:00 PM and evening (HS) at 7:00 PM to each Resident in their room or common areas.


Therapeutic Diets:

The Registered Dietitian will visit all new Residents to explain food choices and options at meal times. Special diets and dietary preferences should be discussed with the Dietitian at that time. Should Family members wish, they may assist with feeding as volunteer assistance is valuable, especially during meals.


Meal Times:

Meals are served in each of the dining rooms at the following times:



 8:30 AM


 12:00 PM


 5:00 PM


Guest Meals:

Family members and friends are welcome to join Residents for a meal. To arrange for a guest meal, contact the main kitchen at 728-2389 Ext. 340. Meal tickets can be purchased at the Administration Office (Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.). Please make reservations two hours before meal times.


Guest meal prices:

Lunch: $7.75

Dinner: $8.75

Special Holiday - $10.00 

Weekend visitors must purchase meal tickets in advance for use on the weekend. Meal tickets are not available for purchase from either Food Services or Resident Care employees. Food Services employees are not authorized to serve any meals to visitors without a meal ticket. Cash cannot be accepted by Food Services employees to purchase meals. Out of courtesy to other tablemates, guests are not allowed to join the resident in the dining room.